CG written by Lisa Boyce

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CG written by Lisa Boyce

June 20, 2019

There is a place I know,
There is a place I go,
Where the vibe is always on the high!

The drinks are lit and would give you a kick, the Italian mixologist really puts a spin on it.

The food is A1, and classy as ever, you must always get dessert the creme brulee is like treasure.

There is the “Cozy” lime where we sit and listen to “the voice” of Wesu that always draws you.

You can chill by the bar or dine afar sit on the terrace while puffing a Cigar.

Sax & Traxs is never to be missed, it’s a soothing time to come and unwind. shake the week off with this seductive tone, that when the night is over you won’t want to go home.

Cocktails and conversation need no explanation the art of it all may leave you sober but come and experience the class when it’s ova.

This place for me has now cut all corners and when I hear “lime” I think of no other, it has taken over like a Mirage, but there is no other place like Corky’s Garage!

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